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  • Construction hoist SC200/200
Construction hoist SC200/200

Construction hoist SC200/200

  • Rated Load Weight: 2000 kg
  • Space dimension of cage: 3.0*1.3*2.2/3.2*1.5*2.5m
  • Rated lifting weight of boom: 250kg
  • Lifting speed: 0-96m/min
  • Product description:

SC200/200 construction hoist is a new generation of construction hoist designed by our company to absorb the latest domestic advanced technology. Compared with the traditional hoist, the structure of the hoist is more reasonable and compact, the cage body is strong and durable, the shape is beautiful, the components are exquisite, the disassembly and maintenance are convenient, the use is safe, comfortable and reliable.

The product transmission mechanism is divided into three motors, two motors, new energy-saving and other forms. The transmission plate is installed on the top of the suspension cage, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of roof-rushing accidents and make the ride comfortable in the cage. The operation panel integrates floor calling, overload controller, power supply voltage and other display devices to make the operation convenient and comfortable. The guide wheels adopt patented technology such as anti-stripping protection to ensure the operation of the equipment Safety.



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